Friday, February 27, 2009

Dresses for the girl

So I didn't plan well last night. Anyway, I already planned on frozen pizza, just need to remember to eat early on those nights I actually have shopping with the kids to do. No shopping allowed till after dinner. We're trying to find a dress for the girl that 1. she likes and 2. that fits. This could take a few days and several shopping trips. She needs something to wear to the wedding, and she has zero dress clothes. Plus she'd kinda like to find something that would work for the school dance, too. We found a gorgeous red and black dress last night at Dillards, but they didn't have her size. A classic A-line shape with a full skirt, knee length, red cotton with black satin spaghetti straps, and black embroidery on the skirt. She loved it. It came with a black shrug. Would have been a great dress for the evening wedding next week, and then also for a dance. Oh well. Luckily that shape and style is popular right now.

Don't know yet what's for dinner tonight. I have to pick up groceries. It'll be something from the standard American fare, pork chops or one of the chicken breast meals. Depends on what meat the grocer actually has that actually looks acceptable. I'm giving up on the butcher shop. The fresh meats go bad too quickly, but I can't see what I'm buying if I buy the frozen packages (they're in butcher paper). So it's back to Reasor's meats I guess.

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