Saturday, March 21, 2009

BSG - more spoilers

So my theory about BSG was wrong. They stuck with the 'angels' theory they had already laid out in the past. But they've left unanswered questions and so of course there's a movie coming in the fall. They need to explain who Starbuck's dad is and why he knew the coordinates to this planet, they need to explain who God is - as Caprica said to Gaius, "You know he doesn't like being called that." But seeing as how they're billing this movie as the story from the Cylons' point of view, I somehow don't think we'll get quite all the answers in this one either.

I think there could still be a more sci-fi-tech explanation - ghosts in the machine at the very least would be better than the angels thing. But maybe when they get around to revealing the identity of "God" it will make more sense. Ugh I hope so.

Anyway, it was still very enjoyable.

Dinner was fried chicken last night. Pork roast again tonight if it's thawed. Will try to find some different way to cook it.

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Scott Grizzle said...

They need to explain starbuck. They spent too much of the finale on flashbacks and completely forgot to wrap up her story. Was she Earth #2's version of Jesus? Cylons created by humans on caprica but at the same time created by cylons? Were all of the final five "orphans" or did they just forget they had no parents?