Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fires in Australia; and unwed motherhood

I am terrified for my friends - aussie fires. I keep going to XFire and checking for the ones I know best. No word. I've posted at OLDr. Hoping to hear soon. sigh I hate not knowing if everyone is okay.

But on the Allen Hunt show tonight (I usually listen while cooking dinner Sunday night), I heard him discussing the lady who recently came to public view over her multiple babies + no father. He put it so much better than I ever had - the four things every child deserves - and so I wanted to share this thought:

Quoting his article "Each child deserves to be conceived as an act of love between her parents. To know that love is the basis for her life. Knowing that origin in love gives the child a sense of belonging and origin.

"Each child deserves to know who his parents are. That tells a child much about who he is, genetically, physically, intellectually, and socially. That knowledge gives a child roots and identity, a place in the world that is uniquely his and not opaque.

"Each child deserves to be loved and raised by her parents when at all possible. To know the continued love and nurture of the ones who conceived her in the first place. To be shaped by the same ones who shared their love and DNA in her creation.

"And finally, each child deserves to be given every chance at health, education, and a full life."

And on the food front, yesterday we had frozen pizza, and today we had vegetable barley soup, sirloin beef tips, green beans and toasted split rolls.

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mediamaven said...

Thank you for blogging about Allen Hunt's show last night on OctoMom, Celeste. It's nice to know you enjoyed what Allen had to say. The response to that show and Allen's wisdom on it was overwhelming!

For any one else who missed what Celeste heard, you can stream that show or download it here:

Phil Tower
General Manager
The Allen Hunt Show