Monday, January 19, 2009

Unplanned In-Game Reunion - awkward

Yesterday I joined a group in Guild Wars for the bonus weekend point farming, one of several different ones I had joined that day. Turned out the last public group I joined had some non-responsive TOGgers who would only chat about the work at hand, giving terse instructions, but giving no response to "how are you TOGgers?" or "rezzing my old guildmate." After their continued silence, I left after one round, commenting that was enough of the awkwardness for me, and decided to stick with my own guild members for the rest of the night.

Sunday we had pork ribs, one of the meats I bought from the local butcher shop. They were really good, big, meaty, still had just enough fat on them. Mmmm good. There's a great Memphis-style ribs recipe in the Marlboro "Cook Like A Man" (ha) cookbook. Neither one of us are smokers anymore, but I ordered this cookbook several years ago. It is a grilling cookbook, chock full of recipes that are heavy on the spices, especially paprika and pepper. Good combo. Since it still gets dark early, I'm not grilling yet, so I just did 'em up in the oven. A 350-400ºF oven is a fair substitute when you can't or don't want to use the grill.

Don't yet know what I'm fixing for dinner tonight. I think the stew meat and the pork chops are still thawed; I froze the rest. Since we just had pork yesterday, I'm leaning towards stew. But we had stew a couple weeks ago. Maybe I can do something else with it. Something in the crockpot. Served over toast maybe. Hmm.

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