Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seafood and Teen Pregnancy

Today's been a brain exercise in creativity for me food-wise. I bought haddock and black cod. I had first gotten some ideas about what to buy before I went to spend this gift card at the seafood market, and when I got there they didn't have the fish I was looking for. I had given myself 8 possibilities to choose from, figuring they would have a few of them, but nope, the only one they had that I had planned a possible recipe for was salmon. Oh well, I said. Let's get whatever looks good.

So tonight we're having the black cod, and I am semi-following a recipe I found on the net,, but I'm dumbing it down a lot. For one, I'd have to make another trip for leeks and since the family doesn't like them except me, I'll just use onions alone, and then also I plan to use white wine instead of hard cider, as I would like to drink some alongside the meal. I don't think I'd enjoy drinking hard cider quite as much as a wine.

Alongside I plan to have baked potatoes and biscuits. I'll throw in a veggie there as always, something canned or frozen.

But as for other things today, Neal Boortz was going on again today about Section 8 housing and the types it attracts - he had mentioned it yesterday and then it blew up more today. That and the news about the recent increases in teen pregancies directed my thought train today for a while. I just really cannot understand wanting to get pregnant young; I never ever wanted to, I wanted to wait till I was at least 30! and yet I have known several people who have done it, and not always by accident. I really don't get it. It's so stupid to bring a child into a home whose future is bleak - or for all parties I can think of - that don't even have a home of their own. Ugh - big huge DUH.

I don't care how much you "luv" him/her, life changes for the worse when you have kids. Not to mention when you aren't married, the likelihood of the guy disappearing is very high. And when you first get married you should be spending some years together, just the two of you. Not factoring in the huge stress of kids. Childbirth and babies and toddlers - these are huge drains on the attention the parents can give to each other. Sure it gets easier the older they get, but it's just not right to do that to yourself, your mate, or your children. You are piling on responsibility in an enormous way when you take on parenthood. That is really not the way to start a lifelong relationship, and if done at the wrong time is far too often the last straw that breaks an already weak relationship.

A few years to build a good foundation and make sure you know each other inside out and have really developed together as a couple, and then you can think about kids. Being just two together, going out just for fun, staying in bed all day together, all that wonderful magical spontaneous stuff of a relationship goes *poof* when baby comes around and it doesn't come back for 18 years minimum. Come on people, birth control is ridiculously easy. Don't be morons.

Okay, gotta get off my soap box. I have a family to cook for.