Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rollerbeetles are Coming Back!

The Canthan New Year should be coming up soon in Guild Wars. This means I get to Rollerbeetle Race again!!! Wooooooooo Hooooooo!!!!! The actual Chinese New Year is January 26 this year, and ArenaNet has so far moved the Canthan event around to coincide with the real-life Chinese New Year, at least to the nearest weekend. The first one was February 16-19, 2007 (actual New Year was February 18), and the second one was February 8-11, 2008 (actual New Year was February 7). If they were going to have it this weekend, they'd have something on their website by now. So I'm guessing they are going to have it the weekend after the Chinese New year, so probably January 30 through February 1 .... The anticipation is building!

Today Neal Boortz mentioned (and said this resonated with him) someone saying they went to the inauguration so he could explain what a big deal it was to his children, and so they then could explain to their future kids why it was a big deal. Yeah that was a really neat way to put it; this won't be a big deal a couple generations from now. And that's how it should be. Not a big deal. Ordinary. Oh, and I got to see the lunar electric rover at the end of the parade. It's so cool! Although they didn't demonstrate it there, just the detaching space suit, the concept of crawling through a cubby hole (shown in that video I posted a couple days ago) to climb into the detachable space suits is simply brilliant. I love space stuff.

Tacos tonight? I thawed ground beef, and tacos are sounding yummy. Maybe with tamales and refried beans on the side. Often I don't cook anything on the side to go with the tacos, but I've had a can of tamales in the cabinet for awhile, and it's nice to have something alongside. When I cook pinto beans I like to cook extra and freeze an extra batch or two for quick refried beans later on, and so I have a quart bag of cooked pinto beans in the freezer, just needing some oil and spices and mashing.

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Celeste said...

Aha - found confirmation on the wiki - it's going to be Jan 30