Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just food

Pork roast tonight. It's a fresh roast from Conrow's butcher shop. I went back yesterday and stocked up. I got a small freezer pack (a special assortment), plus this boneless pork roast, and also a package of bratwurst from the freezer case. The lady helping me said they just made that bratwurst fresh last week. I'm looking forward to seeing how that tastes. They make many different kinds of sausages there. I still have to make a trip to the regular grocer for buns and other things first though.

Their meat is good and reasonably priced. I'm pleased. This time I will do the cajun recipe from Louisiana Kitchen again. Maybe I'll do a lightly seasoned half this time. Although I usually cut the spice recipe in half, even so it is a bit much for my youngest diner. I should make some homemade bread again. I think I will do rolls, that herb and wheat one in the Fleischmann's book is especially good.

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