Monday, January 5, 2009


Sunday I got a little preoccupied with kids (went through some old boxes), a movie (Spirited Away), and Guild Wars (made it more than half way to rank 4 gamer title).

We had a big box in the hallway of stuff from our daughter's room that I had taken out a couple years ago when I painted her room and we never finished going through it and sorting donations vs. keep vs. trash. And also our son had a couple boxes of miscellaneous stuff under his pool table, so while he and his dad went through his things, the girl and I went through her stuff. That was almost like spring cleaning!

The movie we had bumped to the top of our Netflix queue in hopes of the mail coming early Saturday before her guests left, but it came just before they had to leave. But they were all tired and grumpy anyway and they went home, so we watched it Sunday night instead, in between getting our kids all prepared to go back to school.

And in Guild Wars I had gotten very angry Saturday when more and more bots were showing up in the Snowball Arena. I had reported two that morning when a teammate pointed out one on our team, and I saw another shortly after. Then I stopped playing to go enjoy the unseasonably warm weather (it got up to 74ºF where the normal high is 45º) and take down the outside Christmas decorations, and didn't make it back to playing GW until late that night. And *boom* - scores of bots. I wanted to scream in frustration. I did some chat "screaming." And I reported every single one I saw. I went to bed annoyed.

So I was prepared to again be annoyed Sunday, but refreshingly did not see any in the few rounds I played that morning. Again I took off during the middle of the day to do other things (we also began removing the tree decorations that evening - I like to do a litttle at time and have it all done by Epiphany), and came back at night. This time I only saw two, reported the one on my team (harder to observe opposition bots), and gave a heads up to the opposition so they could report theirs. I got in a few winning streaks, got more gamer points (not as many as I hoped to get after my huge success last weekend), and ended the night on a good note after 10-win streak. Sunday was the last day for the snowball fight mini-game this season so that's the last chance to earn gamer title points until the next Dragon Festival. Now that festivial has my very favorite mini-game ever - RollerBeetle Races! I am really looking forward to that. But I think it doesn't happen until March, if I remember right. Aigh, such a long wait!

Anyway, Sunday we had thick cut beef slow cooked in the crock pot with a sprinkle of dried onion soup and worcestershire sauce, with brown and wild rice on the side.

I still need to go out to the other fridge to see what other cuts I have out there. I know there is a pork roast and some other beef, oh, yes, there's stew meat out there too, and an oxtail for extra yummy broth. This would be a good day for stew. It's very cold today. It's still 24ºF right now. Brrr.

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