Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belgian Malinois

Well, now I better see why the vet suggested that our big dog Lucky might be a Belgian Malinois. I got to thinking about her breed again today because the local sheriff's office just added two Malinois' to the force, and since I was once again asked about her breed just last week, off I went again in search of more pictures.

The pictures here are of one with the fawn coat just like she has. Her face mask is smaller though. In this video, they have two, one dark and one fawn, and the fawn is the spitting image of her. In the comments on YouTube they do mention she might be a mix; they aren't sure of her breeding as she was adopted just like us with our girl.

The first time I had searched for images I only found the darker coat variations and so didn't see any resemblance except for the black face mask which is so common in several different breeds, but now that I've seen several fawn-colored Malinois', I see it. So maybe we do accidentally have a purebred. She must have escaped from someone's litter is all I can figure. She was right at eight weeks old when she was found abandoned in a downtown parking lot, and so we brought her home and went through a local rescue organization to get her all set up with shots and neutering.

I've always said she was probably a lab-shepherd mix, even after the vet suggested she was a Malinois. I would probably be more likely to say she was one if I could pronounce it (the club site says MAL-in-wah but I can't ever remember when people ask me what she is). She has those light patches behind the shoulders just like the dog pictured on the first link, and there are several other pictures around the other sites that demonstrate her coat and shape exactly, and she stands her ears up anytime she is listening or being called, she relaxes the tips a little when resting but they generally stay upright. I only got her to cooperate for a couple of standing pictures, and unfortunately the focus was horrible on every standing picture, so oh well, here's the best I could get today.

Today it is very cold, and so naturally I decided it is a great day to make chili. I adapt my mom's chili recipe by increasing the chili powder by about 5 times, substituting ½ cup beer for part of the water and also adding a spoon or two of sugar if the tomatoes are too acidic, and plus I mix in a pot of black beans at the end. It's a little early, but I think I will go ahead and start the beans since the work server is temporarily down.
... And now that the work system has finally come back up (it was down for an hour), I can get back to work!
By the way, I am annoyed that I can't get double spaces to show up between my first three paragraphs, but I don't have time to keep messing with it - and after adding this one another spacing error is at the end - so humbug! Forget it! Publishing as is and however it turns out will have to do.

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