Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Womens' Hobbies

The subject of hobbies came up over at the parenting group I frequent. I was pleasantly surprised to find I was not the only person who mentioned online gaming. Someone mentioned EverQuest 2.

The person inquiring was looking for something different to do with her friends, other than the typical drinks out or shopping (yawn).

I especially like gaming because it doesn't matter how far away my friends live, and it doesn't interfere with our kids' sleep schedules.

Like I said over there, me and two lady friends went for a stroll in wintry landscape last night killing ice imps and minotaurs and giggling about boobies and other various things that struck our funny bones. And we did it again later with another of our friend's hubbies (she was taking a nap but yelled hi from the couch - well actually she said she liked candy - I mentioned I was eating candy).

We're just pretty silly and have a lot of fun being silly and pointless.

And although it's not as productive as a quilting circle, it's pretty darn fun.

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