Thursday, January 10, 2008


Now it is time to chide myself for my self-criticism. In my last post, I demonstrated the overly-sensitive side of my character. This commentary is directed at myself in rebuttal. Yes, I'm talking to myself. And yes, now I'm replying to myself. I'm not crazy- or perhaps just not professionally diagnosed yet.

When IM'd randomly by a drunk person, it isn't always all about you.

Did you even consider he was talking about someone else entirely? Maybe himself perhaps? Maybe another mutual friend of ours who is having problems in the community as well?

Why do you continue to harp on this idea that you are not a good friend? Don't you always show up when you say you are going to be there? Don't you always provide an answer when asked? Aren't you always the first to reach out and say hello, send a card, email and ask how someone is doing? Aren't you always stepping back, letting others go first? Stop being such a rug.

What do your OC tendencies have anything to do with it? Don't you think your friends are already acutely aware of your compulsions? Do you feel insulted when your friends don't remember (or don't say anything on) your birthday? No? Well, then stop sweating it about theirs. Call or mail them whenever you can, just like you already do.

Stop avoiding people. Invite someone over already. You know you want to. Get a grip.

So what you're analytical? It's a good thing. You are the quinessential peacemaker, the go-between. How many times have you ended up bringing old friends back together who were ticked at each other in the past? Plenty. So shut up already about the whole melodrama that 'oooo I don't take sides so that makes me a bad friend.' Whatever you whiney butt. Go home.

Grow some balls, accept who you are, and use the talents you've been given.

And for pete's sake, stop whining already.

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