Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lost and Found

Yesterday as I drove away from dropping off one of my kids at school, the view in my rear view mirror of some dingy object lying haphazardly in the street caught my eye. When I came back that way, I purposefully turned back down that street to investigate, as children often have precious possessions which they would be distraught to lose.

However, I found it was only a faded overstuffed house slipper. I parked my car and rescued the slipper from the street and set it beside the fenceline for its owner to retrieve.

Today as I drove home, on a street not too far away from where the slipper had slipped away from its owner, gleaming dully in the morning sunlight I saw a lonely hubcab leaned up against the concrete base of a power pole. The hubcab stood testament to some kind soul having taken a moment out of his day to rescue someone else's lost item.

It's little things like this that make me smile.

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