Friday, November 21, 2014

Don't Be An Ass

Taking a cue from Wil Wheaton's motto "Don't Be A Dick" I've decided my motto is "Don't Be An Ass." I'm just about annoyed with extreme feminists (and all extremists actually but lately the feminism kick has been plastered around with annoying crap from all sides being bandied about).

As a female who works quite happily in a male-dominated field, thank you very much, I say to extreme feminists: you ruin your own cause when get over-rabid. Chill out and be more Dahlai Lama. Laugh and enjoy life in spite of; love the time that you are in, here, now. That's how you win.

Focusing on injustice and berating your "enemy" only makes you bitter and friendless - it doesn't change anyone's mind, quite the opposite - you cement the polarization when you make yourself out to be an enemy instead of a compassionate teacher.

Lead by example. Drop the negativity. Drop the criticism of others. Love others right exactly where they are in the journey of life. Pave the way for improvements to come behind you - smooth and even roads make far better advances than walls of brick and stone. This journey is bigger than you and me.

Live Free. Free to be who you want to be. Go for it.  What's stopping you?  The guy you just screamed at for holding the door and now he's crying? Wow. Just wow. Lay down the brick & mortar - we don't need a Berlin Wall between "sides" - trade it for paving a pathway to understanding and encouraging human growth.

While you were standing there spitting obscenities, some of us went on ahead without you.

Don't Be An Ass.

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