Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Skyrim Got Me

So listening to all these podcasts ... my favorite, next to StarTalk, is The Indoor Kids, and hearing them go on and on about how great Skyrim is, well, I went ahead and bought it while it was on the Steam summer sale for $10, so I've been playing for less than two weeks.

Dang if it ain't all engrossing.

The graphics are a big step down from Guild Wars. The textures are chunky looking even with the highest graphics settings, but the puzzles and the story are fascinating. I can see this keeping me entertained for a very long time.

Nothing quite like a mohawk and blood red eyes to make a chick feel fiercely sexy.

Going for a conjurer mage here but this is not the right look at all - this gold-tone elven stuff is just the most attractive-looking light armor I've found. I'm trying to increase my points in light armor to get the lightweight bonus, and the more you wear it in combat, the more points you earn.  

I like the look of the mage robes better, but they aren't beneficial to me at the moment. I keep carrying them around though. 

There seems to be a ton of quests and places to learn and understand in this game. It's very much a game of politics and every choice you make has consequences of how you get treated by the characters you encounter - your reputation precedes you eerily. I mean, for so long I've heard others say Skyrim has a ton of content, but now I am really getting the feeling I'm chipping at an iceberg with a tiny cocktail fork.

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