Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maker Space Dreams

This is a stream-of-consciousness gathering of my dreams for an ideal maker space. I've cleaned up the spelling and grammar a bit, but it's still very rough. I really would be thrilled seeing these ideas brought to fruition. Enjoy.

I want to see maker space with show and tell hour.  No one is allowed to sell their products there.  Can exchange time teaching others how to do something for time credits. Can earn time credits for show and tell.

Public schools would be ideal spaces for this, except lack of space.  Encourage adults to get involved too though.  How to make it for both?  Set times for adult space and times for kids space and then have show and tell for each. Or have adult maker spaces at high schools only. No, maybe the schools would be better for demos only, just to introduce kids to the concept and encourage them to come hang out at the actual space.

Maybe libraries should be the controlling force. For space, empty warehouse type buildings. There are lots of unused commercial properties. Perhaps the owners could receive subsidized rent or tax incentives for allowing use of the space?

Businesses like Home Depot and Lowes and Tandys and Radio Shack could be sponsors. No selling on location, but advertising, signage. And maybe tool rental?  Like would ABC Rentals participate?

Importance of being creative article

Have recycle bins for material scraps by size and type, free for anyone to take from. Employees and volunteers sort and discard as needed.

Have full sheet materials available for at-cost purchase.

Admission free to use open tables and just hang out. Encourage an arcade atmosphere.
Anyone under 14 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
$1 per hour to use a booth (basic equipment/tools) - have coin-op doors with a credit card slot, but just waist or chest high doors & walls so people can talk with you and observe your project while you work
$5 per hour to use advanced booth (power tools)

Would require security for locking up things, and one or possibly two full time staff members on site during all open hours. Have volunteer opportunities for anyone over 16.

Needs to open around noon and close around 9 pm so students and workers would have plenty of time to work on a project. Open Tuesday through Saturday to cater to customers. The employees would have Sunday and Monday off.

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