Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Recipe: Career of Opportunity

Being dead set on attaining a certain career is like sulking at 6 pm because I don't have tomatoes for chili although I have a thousand other lovely meals possible with the ingredients on hand.

Look at the shelf. Here's a few years experience with database programming. Here's some years in food service. Here's some time as a hot-shot delivery driver. And also that time soldering IC chips. And then here's my key ingredient that I want to build this dish around: design drafting. There's a million directions to go with these ingredients.

I need to focus on customizing my career to utilize the skills I have attained over the years. While I did not go the traditional four-year route (due to circumstances full of teen-esque angst which I choose to forgo recounting) even though I certainly had the grades, test scores, and ability, the experience I have gained as I meandered over these years is equally valuable.

The trick is putting them all together into a tasty presentation. I'm certain I would make a great project manager; I just need a couple more ingredients and I'm there. And it's not quite 6 pm. I still have time to run to the store; definitely not the time to grow the ingredients and butcher the cow, but I can grab a couple quickie skills to round out this dish!

My career is really just beginning. Ready, set,  GO

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