Thursday, June 19, 2014


I listened to an unexpectedly profound StarTalk today. NDGT interviewed Anthony Bourdain in a two-part show (part two link). His story surprised and touched me more than once.

This all sounds gobbledey gookish when written down. It sounds better in my head. All the things in my head that are so important to get out. I succeed when I like myself. I have definitely figured that out.

The three steps to confidence outlined in this article are similar to these ideas that have been floating around my semi consciousness for the past ten years or more, having come across them in other articles. 1. Mind- awareness 2. Dream outloud 3. Impress me (yourself)!

I am now realizing that I already started on this path awhile back: my life was on hold for many years, stewing in introspection. The first step I mastered was mindfulness. I was so painfully mindful I froze into inaction.

Now I dream, and dream out loud. I make plans of how to reach my dreams. Even if I die before I attain my dreams, at least I have a workable map laid out.

And despite many regrets, I like myself more now than ever, plus I have come to like my past self as well. I like who I am, who I was, and who I will be. And anytime I start feeling bad, I identify what I could do to make me like me again. Usually it has something to do with getting up and being ballsy. I like me best when I'm up and at 'em, in your face.

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