Sunday, August 5, 2012

Guild Wars 1 is Busy Lately ...

Lots of people are logging in getting just a couple more titles. Ostensibly I logged in to practice my new keybinds by changing my GW1 keybinds to match my new plan for GW2. But I got myself reeled into playing all weekend long by asking myself - "Let me see, what can I work on while I practice my new layout?"

Worked on maxing my Asuran title since it was a bonus weekend in Guild Wars, at least until I was having to go back and repeat areas, and then said, hmmmm, I know I have other stuff I can work on since this is getting boring.

So I went and got an Ancient Armor Remnant for Razah. I actually earned one for myself! I've gone into the challenge before but I think the only one I had previously someone else gave me an extra of theirs. But I got one myself tonight. Only took about 2 hours.

So Razah is on display in my Hall of Monuments for now. (Oh, and I also put M.O.X. in my hall - I've had him available all this time and never brought him in officially - woops).

So I think sometime this week I want to go cap a Black Widow spider in the Underworld with hubby (he has one for his ranger, but that's on his second account, so he's planning to cap one on his main account. One of those things we've been putting off for a couple years). And that will make my Fellowship Monument complete.


By the way, yes I'm wearing a weird mix-n-match. I got tired of looking at my elite Kurzick set but the Norn armor skirt looks dorky, so I'm sporting the Kurzick pants, norn boots and top, and destroyer gloves, with my Kanaxai axe, and one of those bonus story shields that I dyed to look like a Jade Armor (IIRC, it's black, red 2x, plus blue). A few of my favorite things. Yay.

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