Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meditations - the Ancient Book

Finished "Meditations" today. This was the next on my Harvard Classics list I'm working my way through, and it seems a wordy version of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" to me. Having never read "Small Stuff" myself, I suppose I shouldn't throw that comparison out there, but it is what kept popping into my head every few pages.
I only take objection with his repeated insistence of not worrying about others' offenses. What about horrid murderers? like some of the recent horrific conscious-less assholes here in Tulsa - sweet old people being attacked and raped, random innocent people being gunned down - crap like that is what kept coming to mind during reading.
However, after reading his multiple treaties on not worrying about or wailing against death in general, that concept finally clicked, and I feel much improved emotionally for it.

Some of the points that stuck with me:
Of speech "(Whatever you must say) speak it kindly"
Of rough or evil persons: "teach them better or bear with them"
Of any wrong a person might do you: "no such occasion why it should trouble thee"
Of those who bring "false accusations ... behold what manner of men they be."
"..either there is a God, and then all is well, or if (not, you make your own) providence ... and then are thou well."

Essentially I would boil the entire book down to  ~ Life is short and then you die, what of it? Don't make such a big fuss about it. Chillax, peoples. We're all good.

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