Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Heat Wave

The heat wave across the entire United States is oppressive. Our predicted high today is 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Earlier this morning as I played online in LotRO - still in the underground stone Mines of Moria - I got to venture into the cooling chamber. As I walked through this area,seeing the water churning around the center, I ooooh-ed and ahhh-ed and said "Oh this looks wonderful! I can just imagine the spray of the water."

Nature took the hint and obliged us shortly afterward with a spray of rain outdoors. I went outside and stood in it, spreading my arms to feel the wonderful chill as the wind blew and the rain came down. I even got goosebumps it cooled me so much. That was exquisite.

It dropped the temperature by almost ten degrees! Unfortunately, the rain only lasted for a few minutes, and although the clouds hung around, the temperature was back up to 100 within a couple of hours. But at least I don't think we will hit that predicted high of 109.

Our parched yard needs some more rain.

No, we don't water the yard. I do water the vegetable garden - but it produces food - or that is, it usually does. The tomatoes and okra have stopped blooming. The zucchini succumbed to the heat a few weeks ago.

My mother tells me she remembers the summer of 1936 that the weathermen keep mentioning when comparing record highs (she was 8 years old). So I am thankful for air conditioning, and that we are not doomed to languish in this heat outdoors under the darkest shade to be found. And I am thankful I can travel through a pretend world of cold dark stone amid the sights and sounds of splashing water.

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