Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SolidWorks Journey, continued

It was the rivet I had to do. I got that done quickly, after one re-start (didn't read carefully enough the advice to un-check the box for "auto-solve" when updating the dimensions and so had a very messed up part on my hands for a minute there!).

Regular work gave me interruptions as expected, but I was able to start on the assembly, and finished the cutter sub-assembly shortly after lunch, and began the final assembly with the handle, cap and guard.

A not-so-regular interruption was a swarm of mayflies that came out of the fax room. We closed the door after some excitement of staring at them, catching them, jumping away from them, or squishing them (depending on who it was who came to look at the swarm). Thankfully they were all wingless and mostly dead by the end of the day. Yes, I was the one catching them by their wings.

I left off today with the sub-assembly inserted in the final assembly space, and aligned the planes. Tomorrow, after finishing the final assembly, the next step is to check the assembly for interference.

I am eager to dive right in to the upcoming chapter wherein the handle is modified to be an injection-molded plastic handle, since that is what we do at my work, after all!

And then at a future point I intend to go back through the entire book, faster, and doing the optional exercises at the end of each chapter. I'm stoked! Woot!

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