Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SolidWorks: Handle Do-Over

Wow today was busy. Hardly a moment's breather, but I did begin the pizza cutter handle. It starts as a fairly simple rectangular shape with a trimmed corner, a rounded top, dimensioned and revolved around a center-line.

The next feature is a series of grooves along the edge of the handle. This begins as one small square sketched off to the side of the handle, dimensioned, filleted on one side, and then moved into place via the "Add Relation" button found on the Sketch toolbar. The relation established here makes the right edge of the square collinear with the right edge of the handle.

Tomorrow is doughnut day at work. Spelled correctly, the word "doughnut" brings to mind a raw mass of bread dough in the shape of a threaded nut. Doughnut or donut: a funny word, but either way a nice treat!

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