Saturday, October 30, 2010

MySpace, etc.

I heard that MySpace is going to be doing a major overhaul, changing their format and purpose completely, so I thought it'd be a good idea to go save my old blog posts just in case. While I figured that meant a big copy/paste job, I had no idea it would be a 138 page monstrosity. It's bloated due to the layout of the page with the translation buttons making each page of text twice as long, so I guess it's still over 50 pages of actual text (!). I looked at pulling it by RSS feed but couldn't figure out how to get all the older pages. I'm certain if I would have spent two more minutes reading I would have found the way, but, meh. I c/p'd it all and will just save it as a giant bloated document on my hard drive. I started to delete the extra spaces but that's turning into a huge timewaster (and of course I alt-tabbed and deleted several pages' worth; cut it down to 108 pages now).

Anyway, it's fun to go back and read some past thoughts.

So the work thing and drafting is making a little progress {EDIT-I should explain how I got this far-didn't realize I hadn't posted about this! After my initial lunchtime forays, I had a chance to play on the SW computer for two entire afternoons, and so I completed 5 parts and printed a full engineering print of one of them and showed it to them (I was grinning like a satisfied cat of course). This is how they decided to go ahead and get me set up to have SW at my own desk (girly squeal!).}; they got me a new computer that can handle the graphics requirements of SolidWorks, now we just have to find the install disk.

So since I can't play with SW yet, I did the next best thing and went browsing around the web, looking at the official website and a couple unofficial ones, and found some great stuff to read and one particular thread at the official forum where folks have posted examples of their work. Some really cool stuff there - warning - this is a graphics-heavy link and the forum doesn't have pagination so if you clicky, it will take a long time to load this thread.

I am really itching to get going on this! Aigh!!

As for gaming stuff, I've been spending all my time on Lord of the Rings Online. Although Guild Wars has updated the Hall of Monuments, I am quite content with where my reward status stands (27), so I don't have much of a reason to play GW any more. I really should get on this weekend just because their Halloween decor is always amazing, but that would be the only reason. LotRO is very engaging and is fulfilling my gaming desires quite nicely for the moment.

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