Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun-Filled Summer Afternoons

Today I cut up old tree trimmings down to size for the trash, procrastinated mowing for a couple of hours to wait for the shade to cover the whole lawn (and went inside and played Animal Crossing), taxied a gaggle of teen girls to the tie-dye clothing shop, grilled (and devoured) some awesome thick pork chops, then later in the lovely late afternoon shade I discovered (with the help of my mower) neatly clipped grass hiding under my semi-shaggy lawn, saw half a dozen fireflies, watched disco lights in the pool, pretended to be a dolphin, and threw pretend fish at the pretend whales (the kids) performing tricks around the fountain. I also spotted a star and then was shown that the big dipper was out.

I'm amazed at all that I packed into this day. It's been a great afternoon and evening. I think I will sleep well.

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