Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Overzealous Citizen Watch? or just Crazy Lady?

So I am still wondering if the lady who pulled around in front of me yesterday, suddenly stopped her truck in a driveway with the tail end sticking out in the road, and jumped out to snap picture of me was just a wannabe vigilante or part of a citizens' watch patrol or if she was looking for someone and thought she had found the person and then suddenly realized she made a mistake.

That was just really bizarre. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon. School is out. Why would she suspect crime of someone walking in a neighborhood? Kind of weakens theory #1; I could understand if she was doing this a couple more blocks north where the strip club and the adult movie shop are ... but in the neighborhood where houses are? Not so logical.

She didn't identify herself as being part of a citizen's watch patrol. So that weakens theory #2, which would be related to theory #1 just on a more organized basis. Six of one, half a dozen of another.

Mistaken identity is starting to be my strongest theory (#3). I think it was some jealous wife lady who was looking for her husband's lover and thought she found her and was going to take pictures and confront her. She seemed a little taken aback when I spoke to her (even though I kept walking and looked at like she was insane). I think she realized her error and was trying to figure out a way to make herself not look so crazy. She said "I just want to know who lives in my neighborhood."


Sheesh, lady, if you want to get to know your neighbors, suddenly swinging around, pulling in front of them and stopping your 6,000 pound vehicle in front of a 100 pound middle-aged lady is NOT the way to initiate a friendly "get to know your neighbors" conversation. Rather, it's intimidating and threatening.

But wow ... I do wish I had the presence of mind to pull out my phone and snap a picture of her license plate. It didn't come to mind till I was two blocks away and she was long gone. Lady really freaked me out.

I did warn my kids. I've always taught them to give a wide berth to any vehicle that stops near them when walking, and to run to a nearby house if approached and scream and yell. And while I certainly gave that truck a wide berth before she even opened her door, and kept walking briskly away even while giving her a "WTH?" look, I really wish I would have pulled out my phone.

She took a picture of me - I should have automatically jumped to take one of her. Duh.

And now today every time I drive through the neighborhood I'm scanning the streets for that little gray Nissan with the aqua stripes and the crazy lady. I just love feeling paranoid.

Um ... so yeah. Anyway.

If I see her roaming or snapping pictures or bullying her way around with her truck again I will take a picture and report her to the police. If she's trying to be a vigilante or protect the neighborhood, scaring the inhabitants is not the right way to go about things. And if she's looking to hunt down and confront someone, well, then she needs to be reported - I might prevent an assault.

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