Friday, April 24, 2009

Twitter = Ticker

So I've split out my Twitter into two accounts - made a new one for business. I found myself uncomfortable sending messages about Guild Wars or what I'm cooking for dinner when I also had business type stuff going on.

For those who don't use Twitter and are still scratching your heads or shrugging going "I have no interest in ppl's blow by blow lives", it's not so much about finding out what people are doing every second as it is more of a headline ticker, but the headlines are customizable to whatever you want them to be about using filter and search tools, and they can be from friends, family, news media, local or regional event tickers, hobbyists, enthusiasts about any subject that you search for.

Like the guys on said, it's like walking into a big conference room where a hundred conversations are going on about X or Y topic, and you skim through the room and can stop and join in any time.

Yeah, I'm sold on it. Now let's see how they end up monetizing it. That's a big debate as to how and when that will come.

Anyway, it's fun. And not a time waster. It can be very educational, depending on who you search out to follow.

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