Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free Website Publishing

I got a bit distracted and forgot to set any meat out to thaw yesterday. Time to go rummage through the freezer and see what I can defrost in the microwave. I wonder if I can thaw pork ribs in the microwave. The bone could prove troublesome. Hmmm ...

I was having a lot of fun yesterday setting up a free business website with the new Microsoft Office Live small business tool (okay, it's been available for several weeks, I just finally got around to looking at it). It's extremely limited and template-d, but for a lot of small businesses, it's exactly what they need. Something pretty much anyone could set up to sell products or promote their services. It's far easier to understand than even Publisher (although I have figured Publisher out after playing around with it a lot, it has so many options it can be intimidating to an amateur).

Since I am not ready to actually provide office assistance, I am not going to promote my site, but maybe after mulling this whole idea over some more, I hope to have something feasible.

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