Monday, March 3, 2008

Cross Guild Cooperative

Finally! I think I have found what I was originally looking for when I found TOG, but couldn't quite find everything I was hoping for and settled for second best.

Here is a community of multiple guilds across multiple games, FPS, MMO, console, tabletop - everything for gamers who love all sorts of games - and not anti-diverse-guild. Quite the contrary, this is a place for many guilds to work together.

Forums, guild pages, individual user pages, able to link to friends across multiple guilds and multiple games. The two most important resources for gaming - connectivity and outreach - very well organized. It's Guild Cafe.

Highest participation seems to be among the MMOs at the moment, especially Guild Wars, but from the tools and organization of the site, I really hope the FPS and other sections take off. There is some activity in the FPS forum, so I hope word spreads. This is really what I wanted to find three years ago.

Now this is a gaming community!

View TwystTye's page on GuildCafe

(okay, so it has database troubles from time to time ... grr ... but this is so perfect otherwise I'm still pumped about it!)

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