Friday, February 1, 2008

Lost Friends

For my work I've had to call St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) several times in the past two days. Hearing the familiar accents over the telephone has gotten me to thinking of my friend of a couple years who lived here for awhile. I met her when we worked together at Casa Bonita. I miss her often. She was intriguing: beautiful perfectly dark skin, angelic tiny round face, brilliant (and mischievous) smile, enchanting accent. I remember sitting next to her at the counter when we went to get donuts together and us giggling about the lesbian bar next door.

I haven't had very many real-life friends, but she is one that I feel I really clicked with. We understood each other, and she was tolerant of my immaturity at the time - why exactly I don't know - but I liked her for it. She seemed to know instinctively that I would grow up someday. But she also seemed to have a liking for my impulsiveness. Maybe because she was also raised in an extremely strict family, and seemed to relish the chance to break away from family traditions just as I did.

But I did a lot of stupid things during those years. She had several family friends that also lived in the local area, and they rightfully had a rather bad opinion of me after some of my wild shenanigans.

Just another one of many things I need to apologize about.

Anyway, I sure wish I could see her again someday.

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