Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letter to the Editor

I sent this to PC Gamer Magazine today:

"Dear Sir or Madam,

My husband brought home a copy of your new Guild Wars special edition so we could read all the nifty scoop on GW2, and as I perused slowly through the beautiful concept art my eye snapped to a misspelling. “Well,” I thought, “it is just the art section; can’t expect the artists to spell perfectly. Their talent is creating beauty.” Then, after spending almost an hour enjoying the graphic works, I came to the print.

Holy malapropisms, Batman! Grammatical errors and spell-checker bloopers abound! I began to be a trifle annoyed, but then again, it is a gaming magazine, what can one expect, right (but GFW certainly doesn’t have this many problems!)?

And then … what is this? It seems a sentence, paragraph, maybe an entire page is missing? A cataclysm undefined midsentence, and the next page the story skips ahead with no explanation. Who is this queen and what group of people are trying to integrate? Something about Kryta? It is too painful to continue. I stopped reading after page 95. I want to know about GW2, but reading this hastily thrown together work is simply excruciating.

Now I remember why we didn’t renew our subscription and went to only buying special GW editions. After this, we may decide to even check the quality of the magazine in the store before paying cold hard cash.

So, are you taking applications for an editor?"

Yes, this issue was really that bad. I thought it was just me being nitpicky, but when I got to the missing paragraph/page and my husband was annoyed with it too, I felt justified.

I want a quality preview of GW2!

PC Gamer has published the article in its entirety on their website, with the missing section included. I also printed out the missing section for insertion into my own purchased copy.

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