Friday, September 14, 2007


Gosh, I've had an epiphany of life-changing proportions! (not) ...

I've finally figured out my favorite colors. (no way!) (yes way!)

What's your favorite color? Your favorite color scheme? Do you even know? I've had "favorites" come and go, changing through the years, but I have finally noticed a common recurring theme since childhood.

First, my lifelong most favorite color is red. It has fallen out of favor only a few times, and those were when the more orange-toned reds became popular in manufacturing, and I steered away then, as I've always preferred the more blue-toned reds.

And I love browns. This new thing of putting chocolate with rich reds - I'm in heaven. I thought I was happy with the whole berry red and navy blue combos that became popular a couple years back, but you know, I even picked out the cream/suede combination then. And while I still love to look as that color scheme, I finally realize which of my favorite colors I can actually wear and look good in.

Cream is really best for me, being blonde, and I can wear red if I'm careful with it. I love it, but sometimes it's too much. But the whole cream/brown/red accent? Yay! I finally found a combination I love that actually looks good on me! Woot!

Yep, suede browns, chocolate browns, cream as a major backdrop, and cherry red as the strong accent color. Oh yeah, chocolate caramel sundae with a cherry on top anyone?

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